• Documentary:  The Life and Music of Rosario De Marco

Release date December 2020

Where do you come from?
What’s your background?
Can the awareness of knowing our background, our ethnicity help wipe out racisms and division and can this awareness help us become more acceptable and appreciative of different cultures?
Does globalisation destroy our identity or does it enable us to develop our humanity?
How do we make the choice to become more human in a global society?
Can the advancement of technology and new discovery enable us to become more human?
The answers to these question can differ depending on our perception of our selfs and our surroundings, our upbringing, our philosophy or religion.

The true and correct answers to any questions that relates to the human condition, can only be measured by how truly happy we become or are, despite our circumstance and challenges we are facing. It is not a conceptional or theoretical answer instead it is actual proof. If we wish to find answers it all comes down to our willingness to transform ourself, to open our minds to new concepts and new ideas.

Music is a global and universal language. Do we need words?

Rosario De Marco performing his music live in search of answers to topics related to hope, creativity, happiness, life state…