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….You cannot give up! Your music serves such an amazing purpose and I firmly believe that your music is for the greater good for humanity… E. 


“Hi, My name is Rosario De Marco in short Sardemar. A word which also describes my music. Mediterranean Sound with no borders. I am a guitarist-composer and I play instrumental music. Music that tells a story.

Every once in a while a revolutionary sound or music comes along that changes everything.

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop this music over the last 30 years.

I have chosen the guitar as the main instrument to bring this music to life. 

I play fingerstyle which is a type of technique used by classical and bluegrass guitarist.

One of the greatest contemporary jazz guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick believes that the full harmonic potential of the guitar can only be realised if you play finger-style or a mix of pick and fingers and that harmony on the guitar is still in its infancy.

My ultimate desire, through performing my music live is to enable my self and the audience to be in the present moment. Discover your authentic self and experience Sardemar, Mediterranean Sound with no borders anywhere in the world now and in the future. “


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