Rosario, I listened to your CD “Light and Shadows tonight and got so exited that I had to put on the headphones and listen closely. Given that I’m such a jazz fanatic, the first 2 tracks fascinated me, they are very exciting, very good..  Gradually, the music changed and took on a more Italian folk flavour, which I confirmed when after track 6 I rewinded to the beginning, just to compare.
Then, a change again after “Radici”, which is gentle and dynamic in a different way.

Track 8, “Ali” reminded me very much of “Fragile” (Sting with lead guitar and vocals), and your’s is absolutely beautiful!

Then we notice again a change, a bit more pep, and interesting mix in harmony. The music becomes increasingly intense, I think, and I keep listening with more and more curiosity…what sound, what melody or harmony comes next in this piece????

I can hear Al di Meola in track 12, “Foglie”, but then your own style takes over, which is just lovely, great combination.

And what a wonderful choice of “Finale” for the end of the CD, I really liked that!

Overall, I think your CD holds a variety of music, we get it all, the jazz, the Italian (folk) jazz, modern jazz, and a little bit of poppy jazz.

Given that we buy a CD and expect to have one or two tracks that we REALLY like, yours has exceeded, because I favour at least 5 tracks (especially 1,2, 8, 10, 15,)

This one CD is so good, so harmonious, so well composed and arranged, it’s hard to imagine that the next 10 can exceed, or be better. (Acoustically, perhaps.

Anyway, this is my single unauthorised opinion.


I was there at the museum concert and it was absolutely sublime! I’m glad so many other people thought so too. Thanks for keeping me informed,



When I came to hear you play on Friday night, I was stagnant inside, indifferent …but your  music made me feel again…about the things I have given up in the name of complacency and blandness…suffering had blinded me from “the treasures’ within…but I now know they are still there Let know when you play again so I can relive this “douleur!” A bientot



I’ve just come from experiencing the magical sounds of Rosario De Marco at “Global Sounds at Sunset”. His music, like his instrument, is his heart and soul, and it certainly hit a cord within me. I’d like to thank him and his band for all he offers those that are blessed to be encompassed in his Universal Language. May it spread, open, and connect the hearts and souls of many.

I ask for more information about Rosario and his upcoming performances, and that this may be passed on directly to the Artists. Intuition led me to his performance…. And the gift he gave me was Intuition the album.

Thanks again,


The way we met, was at the international music festival in Clayton’s park last year.I saw and more,heard you play so passionately,that when you finished I approached you to compliment you .You gave me your card and that’s how I heard about you.I also heard your music on the ABC radio /I think/ one day and the speaker mentioned a new album coming up,you are getting popular.Hey,that’s great! Thanks for the pleasure you gave me in performing on that memorable afternoon,


I love it, its very beautiful music and just the sort of relaxing I need.
Thank you and all the best.


Dear Rosario, We were at the Guitar festival and watched your performance.
We congratulate you on combining such different sounds and making them sound so much like they belonged together. Your music gives us an insight of what must be inside your soul, and that is a message of togetherness and oneness. We hope to see you again. Please place us on your mailing list, to keep us informed of when you are performing.
All the best


hello rosario

I am sad tonight stuck out in the suburbs working and unable to attend your concert tonight. I am however thinking of you and really looking forward to as many more performances as i can hear in the future. I really think you have a special band and your compositions are some of the richest, most invigorating, inspiring and emotionally liberating pieces of music many people would have heard in a long time.

I also think your cd is beautiful and wonderfully recorded. congratulations on all this achievement but mostly thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the public ear. we are very lucky.

Please do keep in touch if you have a (e)mailing list you could include me on to inform of any gigs coming up. I wish you the best of luck for all that you do.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Rosario

Just a short note to let you know that I recently purchased your CD light & Shadows and to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying it  as I am going through a difficult time in my personal life at the moment your music has seemed to reach me on a strangely melancholy level,it has been as soothing as it has been comforting. hanging on!

Thank You


Hi, Rosario, and thanks for the reply. I was wondering if I could somehow get the new CD before Christmas through private purchase, because I simply cannot wait!

Thanks again,


Caro Rosario, sono R. Ti scrivo per ringraziarti dello splendido concerto di mercoledì’ sera. Le tue melodie nascono dalla tua PASSIONE per la musica e ci regalano forti emozioni, ci fanno sentire
BENE, sono forti e positive.L’armonia che hai saputo creare dall’insieme di suoni provenienti da diverse culture e’ intensa e ricca, grandiosa!


Hi… I’m the guy who you met last Friday at your concert. I’m really enjoying your album. It is fantastic. I really like that sound and your performance…